As far as makeup application goes, putting on lipstick is probably one of the easiest things you can do—swipe and you’re set. But taking it off or switching the color, particularly when it’s bright red or hot pink, can be shockingly difficult. Not only that, but it can be messy when you're leaning over a sink with liquid cleanser and a washcloth. But Pacifica must have heard the cries and complaints from all the lipstick lovers of the world because the brand recently launched a set of makeup wipes just for your lips.

So what makes the Pacifica Cherry Kisses Hydrating Lipstick Wipes any different than regular old makeup wipes? A lot, actually.

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Not that you should eat them (really, please do not eat them), but they have a cherry scent, so you won't taste perfume after you dab them on your lips to remove the product. The textured fabric removes the pigment from your lips quickly and with ease, and it also allows for gentle exfoliation which is rather important for a perfect finish.

But you won't have to worry about the wipes leaving your lips dry, uncomfortable, or chapped. They're also infused with vitamin E and hydrating coconut oil, prepping your lips for a bright lipstick shade switch, or allowing you to go lipstick-free and feel good about it.

We put them to the ultimate test by using them to remove Tom Ford's Lips and Boys Lip Color in Nicholas ($36;, a super dark vampy red. After a few passes, the pigment lifted off the lips in about 40 seconds. And while there was still a light stain leftover, it wasn't anything that would disrupt another lip color. If we used these babies with nude lipstick, it would be the ultimate success story.

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