Working out with a celebrity trainer isn't cheap...until now! Thanks to Nicole Stuart's new iPhone app (she trains stars like Kate Hudson!), you can train and tone with the best, wherever you are."I love knowing I can get my workouts to people who cannot afford a trainer," Stuart told us. Plus, it's hard to come up with excuses when, as she says, "It's like I'm there in your back pocket saying, 'Come on you have to do your workout. There really isn't any reason not to!'" The app, Celebrity Quick Easy Exercises (Qe2), features 10-minute targeted workouts for your abs, arms, butt and hips, and Hudson is already singing its praises, "I love Nicole's app. I take it with me when ever I travel. It keeps me in tip-top shape.”

Download it now on iTunes—at just $1.99 you’ll still have cash leftover for the season’s must-have fashion.

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