Bored with the trappings of #SelfieSunday? Looking to cool off, get creative, and snack on the trendiest fruit around? The latest viral photo craze is about to raise your Insta’ game to new heights. Enter: Watermelon dresses.

The name says it all, really. Watermelon dresses are created by the sly nibbling and spatial reasoning of your photographer. Grab a slice of the sweet seasonal treat, strike a pose, and have your Instagram boyfriend adjust the shape of the wedge until it lines up with your outfit. And voilà: Adorable, summery you will be transformed into a watermelon-wearing goddess who is sure to rake in those social media likes.

Still unclear on the concept? Allow these watermelon dress experts to pave the way:

They are, of course, gender neutral:

It's fun for all ages:

10/10 would purchase:

The best part, of course, is snacking on your sartorial creation. Edible art? Count us wayyyy in.

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