I'm an aries, so naturally I'm impatient. My skincare routine is one area in my life where my zodiac sign can be extremely detrimental. I want and crave instant results. When I use an anti-aging serum, I expect that fine line on my forehead to disappear by the morning, and when I dab on a spot treatment, that cystic pimple better be barely visible in an hour.

The only problem? Most products require multiple uses (a longterm commitment, even) before they provide any results, and if they're preventive, I can only cling to the piece of mind that in the future, my skin will be in good shape.

However, there are a few exceptions that appeal to my Ram sensibilities by delivering asap results. A new favorite is Farmacy's Bright On Massage-Activated Vitamin C Mask ($38; Sephora.com). The cruelty-free mask is formulated with brightening vitamin C; kaolin and bentonite clay that de-clog pores and strip excess oil; a fruit-derived blend of exfoliating AHA acids; and a blend of nourishing superfoods, which I can only assume are tasty for my face.

What sets this clay mask apart from the stash I have in my medicine cabinet is that it changes color as it works. When the face mask is massaged into skin, it turns from violet to green, as vitamin C serum bursts out of little capsules. After the mask is completely green, let it sit for just 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

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What was more gratifying than actually seeing the mask working was that it made my skin visibly more radiant and smooth, right after. When I washed it of, my face was so glowy that if I saw myself on the street, I would stop and ask what highlighter I was wearing. It's not a total miracle-worker, though; the dark spots on my chin leftover from past cystic breakouts were still visible. (There go my Aries high standards again.)

But considering the mask delivered on three-quarters of its promises, I think me and my newly evened skin tone can chalk that up as an instant win.

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