Many of us have applied makeup pre-workout, or at least kept our makeup on before hitting the gym at the end of the day. After all, it can feel like a hassle to take it off when you just want to get your workout on. And while we've been told not to wear color cosmetics when we're doing our thing in the gym, sometimes it's nice to have a little coverage while you're sweating it out. Ya know? However, the inherent problem is that, well, makeup tends to melt and run in the presence of excessive sweat. Raise your hand if you've ever had a workout tank stained by the foundation you refused to wipe off pre-spin class.

Well, a group of female professional-level and Olympic athletes came up with a solution to that problem by developing a makeup line that was specifically formulated for people who lead an active lifestyle. They named the brand, naturally, Sweat Cosmetics. The co-founder and chief operating officer, Taryn Hemmings, is a professional soccer player who played for the Boston Breakers and the Chicago Red Stairs, and the brand's other co-founder and CFO, Emily Hines, played division 1 college soccer. The other corporate team members sweat it out regularly, as well, by chasing babies, doing hot yoga, and indoor cycling.

Sweat Cosmetics was founded about a year ago, and the brand has garnered attention from athletes, everyday women, and celebrities (like Jodie Sweetin) alike. Right now, their merchandise is limited to a 30 SPF mineral foundation available in five shades ($42, sephora) and a translucent mineral powder ($42, sephora). Both come with twist brushes and you can buy powder refills for $24 each. The powder reportedly stays sweat-proof for nearly an hour and a half, which sounds like the perfect amount of time. That's basically like a barre class + a few reps of weights, no?

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