ICYMI being sedentary for the majority of the day isn’t exactly great for you. In fact, too much sitting and exercise skipping can lead to a host of health issues from weight gain to heart problems, as well as general brain fogginess due to lack of fresh blood and oxygen pumping through the brain. Basically, when we sit too still for too long, everything slows down.

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But, the reality is most people spend their days in a desk chair and, save for the lucky few whose offices accommodate standing, or even treadmill desks, it’s impossible to get moving as much as our bodies would like. So, what’s a stagnant girl to do? Save for walking briskly up and down your office halls every few minutes, I didn’t think there was a solution until the Cubii landed next to my desk.

The Cubii is a first of its kind smart elliptical-meets-bicycle that fits perfectly under my desk. Assembly basically requires screwing the large foot pedals on to the base and was a breeze as the machine comes with the proper tools (a screw driver) to complete the task. Once built, I plugged it into the wall to charge, like any other electric device, via a small portal on the Cubii’s back, downloaded the affiliated app, and got to pedaling.

Ask any of my surrounding colleagues, I was instantly obsessed. The Cubii fast became more than just a way to add a little more movement into my day. With its 10 resistance settings and user-friendly app that tracks everything from rotations to calories burned to miles pedaled, the Cubii was just plain fun. The app lets you join teams that can include other friends with Cubiis, people in your city, or even people in your office that you don’t know. Each team comes with a leaderboard that lets you compare your progress and virtually compete for more miles or rotations.

The more I used the Cubii, the more I loved it. I’d switch between periods of low resistance with higher speeds and high resistance with lower speed pedaling, which proved great for sculpting my leg muscles, throughout the day. And, I soon realized that even my work and general attitude were benefiting from it. I felt incredibly energized after just a few minutes of pedaling, a result no doubt of fresh oxygen and blood flowing in my brain. Soon I was cheating on my afternoon coffee with my new under-desk mistress.

The Cubii is nearly silent so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your coworkers. And it’s actually attractive or at least as cute as an office-friendly workout machine can be. I use mine exclusively at work (it’s too heavy to transport between my home and office in Manhattan), but it comes equipped with a convenient handle so if you wanted to move it from a home office to your living room or even your deck outside, it’s entirely possibly. At $350, it’s a bit pricey, but just think of it as an investment in your health … and your legs.

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