We wish we were as cool as Yara Shahidi.

The star is always down to take a major beauty risk, but here we are with our same palette of neutrals we've been using for years. And if we're feeling especially crazy, there's the possibility of a statement lip. Shahidi, on the other hand, will boldly go where few have gone before, often rocking trends we'd expect to see on a Fashion Week Runway. The metallic cat-eye she wore to The Hollywood Reporter's Next Gen 2017 party in Los Angeles may have been a subtle look for her, but for us, it's a baby-step in her daring direction.

VIDEO: Meet Yara Shahidi, the Actress Who’s Becoming the Voice of a Generation

If you want to play with color without the commitment of a full-on shadow, eyeliner is the way to go, and a steely asphalt tone like Shahidi's is close enough to your traditional noir that it doesn't intimidate. Pick up a gunmetal hue like Urban Decay's Revolver ($22; sephora.com), and sweep it along your upper lash line, winging it out at the end. If you have trouble determining where to place it, draw a strike extending upwards from your lower lash line, then connect the tip back to the rest of the liner.

Finish with a few pumps of the lash curler, and a generous sweep of mascara.

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