While most of Kim Kardashian West's snapchats inspire #goals, sometimes we remember that she too is a mere mortal and deals with the same issues as we do. The pain of waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a real and horrendous nightmare— and Kim K. definitely feels us on that. Kim took to Snapchat last night to share her neck pain saga and all of the different ways she was going to try to remedy it, all of which we'll definitely be copying in the near future.

Kim's initial thoughts on her neck pain was that it was probably from her pillow, so she picked a bunch to try throughout the week before she settles on a new one. It's from there that her healing process got really interesting. Kim then snapchatted that she'd be receiving acupuncture on her hands and feet to alleviate her neck pain and that she'd be doing some casual cupping.

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You may recognize cupping as the fad once made popular by health-obsessed Gwyneth Paltrow, or as the cause of the bizarre bruise-y looking marks all over major Olympic athletes' backs (#michaelphelps). For the uninitiated, cupping is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice that uses heat or a pump to create suction between a glass cup and the skin. This pulls the skin up and away from tight/sore muscles, and is thought to draw blood to the tender or sore area, causing the healing process to hasten. Pretty nifty, right?

No news yet on whether Kim's neck pain was alleviated, but we can only assume she will take to snap to update us soon. We can only assume that if this ancient remedy is good enough for bionic man, Michael Phelps, and our goopiest health goddes, that it probably does the body good. Basically we have run to the nearest cupping expert since the practice has gotten the best triple approval ever — Gwyneth Paltrow, Olympians and Kim Kardashian West.

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