As anyone who has ever struggled to remove a stubborn waterproof mascara knows, the art of the clean-up doesn't come without a few lost lashes. Of course, a swipe of eye makeup remover prior to lathering up can ease the process—even better if the solution could actually help re-grow all of those fallen lashes. The Om Remove + Revive Pre-Cleanse Oil ($28; promises to do just that, with an all-natural mixture of ingredients that even the most sensitive skin types can tolerate. The formula's hero element is lavender oil, which conditions lashes and is said to stimulate hair growth.

Om's Pre-Cleanse Oil can be applied just like your traditional eye makeup remover. Use a few drops on a cotton pad (a little goes a long way, so you shouldn't need more than three) then swipe it over your eyes and brows to lift mascara, liner, and shadow without an intense arm workout or lost lashes. Once all traces of eye makeup have been whisked away, you can follow with your favorite cleanser and continue with the rest of your skin care routine. The infusion of coconut oil and jasmine are also worth an honorable mention: Each of the nourishing ingredients moonlight as a potent anti-aging serum to reduce fine lines, fade scars, and amp up your hydration levels. Shop Om Pre-Cleanse Oil now for $28 at

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