It’s 3 AM, you have to be up for work in three hours, and getting some shut-eye is almost laughable at this point.

All the tea did was make you have to use the bathroom, and counting sheep is just a lesson in mathematics at this point. So what other insomnia remedies are out there? If you’re Kristin Cavallari, you go the green beauty route and turn to essential oils.

"I never travel without lavender or peppermint,” she told us while celebrating the launch of Young Living’s new 11-piece cosmetics line, Savvy Minerals. "Last night I put lavender all over my pillow and my sheets, and I find that it just helps relax me and helps me get to sleep, especially after I’ve been traveling." There are a ton of lavender pillow mist options out there, but the exact product Cavallari uses is Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil ($31;

Got a baby who can’t sleep either? The same trick works for her 1-year-old daughter Saylor.

"Young Living has a whole line of baby oils," she told us when asked about products she uses for her kids. "She just got four new teeth, and they have an oil called Bite Buster, and Sleepylze to help them sleep. And I put it in her bath at night, on her pillows and her bed and everything, and she never wakes up. I think it has helped calm her down and helped her sleep."

But those aren’t nearly the only uses Cavallari has for essential oils. She puts peppermint oil in her water in the morning energy or when she has an upset stomach and adds in a drop or two of frankincense oil into her moisturizer for a boost of anti-aging power.

As for her other safe beauty favorites? She told us she digs the Duggan Sisters Deodorant, Acure Facial Scrub ($7;, and a shimmery brown eyeshadow named Determined from Savvy Minerals’ new line.


"The best part about these eyeshadows is that you can fill them to the depth that you want," she said. "You can do a tiny bit and have it just a little kind of nice sheen, or you can really build it up and really smoke up your eye. I’m actually wearing it right now."

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