Full disclosure: I really love all (three) of my tattoos. I know that conventional wisdom used to proclaim that one day, I'd regret them, but as tattoos have become more and more acceptable (even Starbucks allows their employees to have them now!), I'm proud to say that I have zero regrets about any of my ink.

However, although my three tattoos are located rather covertly on my shoulder, upper back, and ribs, there have been occasional professional instances where I have wanted to cover up the sometimes visible phoenix on my shoulder. Usually I opt for clothing that covers my shoulder blades, but if your ink is placed in a more prominent location, here are some awesome cosmetic options to temporarily cover your art.

1. Kat Von D knows her stuff

Who better to create makeup to cover up tattoos than famously inked tattoo artist Kat Von D? She actually has an entire tattoo coverage procedure crafted using 3 of her products. First, her Tattoo Eraser pencil ($14; sephora.com), then her Lock-It Tattoo Concealer ($25; sephora.com), all set with the Lock-It Powder Foundation ($34; sephora.com). If you already own any other mattifying powder, you don't need to specifically set the concealers with Kat's stuff, but her Eraser pencil and Tattoo Concealer are great buys (and also function very well as intensive all-purpose concealers!).

2. Amazing Concealer is pretty, you guessed it, amazing.

Super great embarrassing story, but during my senior year of college, I had a pretty epic (and more embarrassingly...completely sober) run in with a heavy building door. I ended up with two distressingly purple black eyes for the better part of a month. My best friend? Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer ($42; sephora.com). I would use Smashbox Hydrating Undereye Primer ($29; sephora.com) and then pile on the concealer. If Amazing can hide my purple and blue eyes, it can definitely cover up your tattoos.

3. Dermablend is hardcore

Dermablend products are specifically created for their ability to cover SERIOUS skin imperfections. That means scars, acne, rosacea, bruising (hello my black eyes!), and—if you at one point consider your ink to be less-than-perfect—tattoos. Their Cover Creme ($38; dermablend.com) easily covers up all colors of tattoos and it takes very little product to make your art disappear. You can set both of these products with Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder ($34; sephora.com) for flawless and ink-free skin.

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