You probably first fell for e.l.f cosmetics because the brand sold bright and long-lasting lipsticks for less than the cost of a PSL—a deal no one can pass up. Affordable makeup is at its core, but the brand has grown significantly over the past few years, branching out to skincare and now techy skincare tools. If the magnetic mask didn’t impress you, e.l.f. cosmetics’ new $20 facial cleansing brush surely will.

Newly launched today, the silicone bristle brush ($20; is designed to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand, and like many other traditional or silicone brushes, it features a massaging component that helps rid your skin of dirt, oil, and debris when paired with a cleanser. It has a rounded triangle shape, so you can actually navigate around traditionally difficult and hard-to-reach areas like your nose and your chin.

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But the best thing about this launch is it’s $20 price-tag, far lower than similar models on the market, which means you can go ahead and splurge on that pricey cleanser you love so much. Or, you know, go crazy with some new matte lipstick.

If you do prefer a standard traditional bristle, e.l.f. cosmetics has one of those, too—and for less than $10!

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