Somewhere between New Year’s Eve and Groundhog Day, I noticed my hands were looking rather… reptilian. I suspect it was of my own doing: I’d often ventured out in the bitter cold without my gloves, and never bothered to replace the trusty tube of hand cream I keep at my desk when it ran dry back in December.

So when Glove Treat ($37; made its way to our beauty closet last week, I stared down at my scary-scaly fingers and figured it was worth a shot. The product bills itself as the at-home equivalent of the paraffin wax treatments available at spas, promising to leave your paws super-moisturized and baby-soft. Unlike the spa treatment, which involves a combo of hot wax and Saran wrap, this one is self-containing. It essentially looks like a plastic glove filled with solid wax (though there’s also coconut oil mixed in there to really amp up the hydration).

I brought the product home and revved up my microwave. Per the instructions, I nuked the gloves for two minutes in order to melt the formula inside, then waited for the heart-shaped heat indicator on the outside to turn from red to dark grey, signaling they were safe to slip my hands into, at a temp that wouldn’t burn. I let the treatment do its thing for 15 minutes (pro tip: turn on your TV before you pop on the gloves as you’ll be totally incapacitated), took out my hands, rubbed in the remaining coconut oil, and was pretty impressed. My once-dehydrated cuticles looked far healthier, and my hands themselves were smoother than ever before. The effect lasted for a good three days before I noticed I was in need of another go ’round. Which, lucky for me, was totally possible since each glove is good for four uses.

Though it doesn’t take the place of regular moisturizing, if you’ve been slacking in the hand cream department and need a jumpstart on tackling Sahara-dry skin, then totally give these gloves a whirl.

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