One look at Brittany Snow’s pitch perfect complexion, it’s easy to see that taking proper care of her skin is a top priority for the actress. Although the 30-year old Pitch Perfect star and new face of Coppertone’s Clearly Sheer line hits all the right notes when it comes to protecting her sensitive, fair skin during the summer months when the sun’s rays are extra potent, her routine is anything but high-maintenance, and just as refreshingly down-to-earth as it is speaking with the actress. InStyle caught up with Snow to chat about her new partnership with Coppertone, summer skin and hair routines, beauty regrets, and everything in-between.

What appealed to you about partnering with Coppertone as the face of the Clearly Sheer line?

"I’ve always grown up with and trusted Coppertone. I remember as a kid it was the brand of choice when my parents put sunscreen on me, and I remember growing up on the beach and always wearing Coppertone. So when they approached me about partnering with them, it was a very genuine partnership because I felt like it was something that I’ve always known and trusted.

Then I tried the new Coppertone Clearly Sheer line and it was crazy how much I really liked it and how it was sheer and not like any other sunscreen that I had tried. The formula is so nice and lightweight to put under your makeup, or really anything you do, and that was something that was intriguing to me and why I decided that this would be a great team."

What have you learned about sunscreen that you weren’t doing before the partnership?

"I always thought that sunscreens had to be really heavy, especially for sensitive skin like mine, and that I needed to put a lot on, so I was always really worried about clogging my pores and causing breakouts. With this [Coppertone Clearly Sheer] it’s really nice to be wearing something that’s so lightweight but also has a matte-like formula and never nakes my skin break out. I had a lot of preconceived ideas about sunscreen that really changed when I started using these products.”

Do you have any go-to music you listen to while getting your makeup done on-set or before events?

"My friends have a nickname for me called ’DJ Snow. ’ On the first Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2, and pretty much for all of my friends, I make them playlists and CDs (back in the day when CDs were still around) of songs, so music is a huge part of my life. And whenever I get ready for a big event I always make a playlist for it. Recently, for the MTV Movie Awards we had a playlist and I’ve been trying to get my friends into some new EDM music and remixes. I love two producers/DJs named Nick Wilde and The Range, and this singer named Kiiara that sings this great song "Gold.””

What are your go-to summer beauty essentials you like to keep in your bag throughout the season?

"I always keep some Coppertone Clearly Sheer, a bottle of water and a hat because I burn really easily, sunglasses because my eyes are really sensitive, and chapstick. Lots of water is important for me because I get dehydrated really quickly.”

What are your go-to products to keep your hair healthy from coloring and heat-styling damage?

"Sometimes I use coconut oil all-over my hair and keep it in there for a bit, and I like using Kérastase masks when it’s really dehydrated. Other than that, I like to keep it pretty simple.”

What’s one key tip you’ve picked up from working with so many hairstylists?

"I used but a lot of heat on my hair by blow-drying, straightening, and curling it, and then using all these products afterwards to make it not frizzy. Now that I’ve gotten older, I let it air-dry and do a mask once a week to keep it healthy and protected from the sun, and really just be gentle on it. I used to put curling irons on it when it was still wet. As a teenager you don’t really think about it then you grow up and learn that everything can wait.”

You and your Pitch Perfect co-star Kelley Jakle live together in real-life. Do you guys share beauty tips you pick up?

"We live together and we’re pretty similar (and we laugh about it all the time) in that we are such tomboys when it comes to hair and makeup. We wear no makeup every day and natural beach hair. I think for us, if we do get a tip we learn, we share it right away because we’re not those types of girls. We just have fun and get each other ready if we have something to go out to or a date. She stays in my bathroom and we put on music and dance around, it’s pretty fun.

Do you have any beauty regrets?

"You could look up ’Brittany Snow’ before a couple of years ago and it’s all over it. I did my own hair and makeup pretty much my whole childhood, teens, and early ’20s and I look back and I’m just so shocked as to what that was. There was a lot of eyeshadow with black liner, a lot of lip gloss with eyeshadow. All of the things you’re supposed to restrain on, I did it all. I think that was also the YM generation, and there was a lot of glitter happening.”

What are three things you’re obsessed with right now?

"I’m obsessed with making cauliflower recipes. I made a pizza the other day with cauliflower crust, and mashed potatoes recently. I want to try cauliflower rice next and I just made zucchini noodles, so I’m really into cooking with vegetables. My other favorite things right now are my Pinterest boards with interior design inspiration for my house, and I’m trying to watch one classic movie a day. Yesterday was Casablanca and the day before was Taxi Driver. It’s been a great way for me to get back up to speed on all the greats.”

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