The new year gives you the perfect time to commit to promoting a healthier and a more comfortable lifestyle for you and your family. Luckily, there are many ways to achieve it. Listed below are a few things you can do to improve your chances of achieving your goals.

Take a Day Dedicated to You

With work, children and a house to maintain, life is never dull and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Rewarding yourself and enjoying a day dedicated to things you enjoy once a month gives you a way to de-stress and have fun. Use this time to take up a new hobby like writing or painting, or enjoy a self-pampering day at the salon or spa. You can also use this time to take in a movie that only you want to see or spend the day at the beach or the park simply relaxing. Afterwards, you’ll have a refreshed, revitalized feeling which benefits you and your family since you can put your best foot forward.

Wear Comfortable Undergarments

Whether spending the day at the office, school, or enjoying a relaxing day at home undergarments that offer support in all the right places make you and your family feel better. Consider seamless underwear and bras for your comfort and things like tagless tees and seamless socks for kids help to prevent bunching or irritations on sensitive skin.

Take the Extra Pounds Off for Good

Many people have trouble with maintaining a healthy weight. While there are contributing factors like stress and genetics, eating the right foods can help you to lose the weight slowly and keep it off. Starving yourself is definitely not the right approach and you will surely gain the weight back.

Instead, incorporate healthy foods such as whole grains and fiber, fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans and lean meats. Because many people are visual eaters and like a full plate, reduce the size of yours so that it appears full. This gives you the visual satisfaction you need while you take in fewer calories. It’s also important to reward yourself from time to time with a treat that you enjoy, this way you won’t feel like you have to give up the foods you enjoy to lose the weight. By serving healthy foods and slimming down, you’ll also set an example for your children and promote a healthy diet for them too.

Pick Up the Pace

Diet and exercise are both essential to achieving a healthy and fit body. Signing up for a membership at the local fitness center will get you out of the house and make the commitment to exercise two to three times each week easier. If you find that you don’t have time to commit to going to a gym, then work out at home. There are many fitness experts who have videos available that can offer the same benefits, or you can choose to stream using your television, phone or tablet.

In addition to working out, pick up the pace when you walk and put a little spring in your steps. Moving more quickly will burn extra calories and get your body into tip-top condition faster. Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just about looking good on the outside. Losing the extra pounds will also help you feel energized, improve your self-confidence and prevent the onset of chronic illnesses like Type 2 diabetes.

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