We all strive for long, lush lashes, but the truth is sometimes even the most meticulous mascara application doesn’t do the trick, and faux lashes aren’t exactly practical for everyday wear. Craving some extra oomph (without looking overdone), we turned to makeup artist Kira Nasrat for a beauty cheat sheet. Here, she breaks down how to get bigger, bolder lashes in four easy steps.

Step 1: Curl, Curl, Curl

Fuller Lashes

This is by far the fastest way to fake longer, fuller fringe. "The lash curler I am most obsessed with is the one by Utowa ($22; violetgrey.com),” Nasrat tells InStyle. "It’s designed so that all of your lashes fit into the opening and gets it curled without looking crimped."

Step 2: Swipe on a Primer

Fuller Lashes

If we didn’t already convince you to add a lash primer to your makeup routine, perhaps Nasrat can change your mind. "Most people skip this step, but if you want your lashes to be full and thick, then prime them. It’s also a great way to protect your lashes and keep them conditioned,” she says. Her favorite formula is Dior’s Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum ($29; sephora.com), which she says creates a smooth base and dries fast. "You can also use this alone or at night as a conditioning treatment.”

Step 3: Start Tightlining

Fuller Lashes

This genius technique will instantly make your lashes appear thicker and is easy enough for anyone to master. All you have to do is apply eyeliner between your lashes and along the upper waterline. To truly nail the effect, the pro recommends using a waterproof formula with a built-in sharpener like Smashbox’s Always Sharp Kohl Liner ($20; sephora.com). "You have to have a good pointed tip in order to get in between the root of the lashes,” she says.

Step 4: Apply Your Mascara

Fuller Lashes

Look for a wand with a thick brush and densely-packed bristles, Nasrat suggests. This way you can scoop up a lot of product without making your lashes look clumpy. One classic formula she swears by is L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara ($8; ulta.com). "I have been using this mascara for years and it never lets me down and doesn’t flake all over the eyes throughout the day,” she says. "Take the wand to the lashes in upward strokes from root to the very tip. Coat both sides.”

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, choose a dark brown shade like Jouer’s Everyday Effortless Mascara ($24; nordstrom.com). "This is great for daytime use,” she adds. Her special trick? "Use this as your first coat of mascara then add the L’Oreal as your second coat. It looks almost like you have mink lashes.”

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