Thinking of getting inked? Then you need to check out these small tattoo ideas. Not all tattoos have to be big and bold. You can still have a beautiful work of art that only covers a small area. Smaller designs are great for a first tattoo or if you just want something dainty and meaningful. We know that choosing a design is no easy task as there are endless stunning ideas. That is why we have narrowed the search down to 21 trendy tattoos that will get you inspired.

1. Delicate Flower

Floral tattoos don’t have to big and complex. You could go for something pretty and delicate like this. It is just one single colorful flower that is small but makes a statement. A small tattoo on the arm like this can be covered to. It’s a beautiful ink and you could create this look with any flower.

2. Sunshine Tattoo

Next, we have a little sunshine tattoo. A design like this is fun and won’t go out of style. This tattoo has been placed on the back of the foot which gives it a unique look. It will look super cute with your summer sandals. As the sun is a minimal design you could have it tattooed on other parts of the body instead of the foot.

3. Ear Tattoo

If you’re looking for something small and unique then this is for you! This awesome ear tattoo is simple and cool. The small black lines almost have a look of jewelry. There are so many creative ways to style this ink, from different line thicknesses to where the lines are placed.

4. Meaningful Quote

Tattoos can be very meaningful. It can symbolize a good time, bad time or offer words of wisdom. A popular way to express yourself with ink is with bible verses. These verses will mean different things to different people making each one unique. The simple be still verse makes a beautiful tattoo.

5. Cute Cat

Are you a cat person? Then we have the perfect tattoo for you. This cat is simple and minimalistic making it a stylish tattoo choice. The placement of the tattoo makes it a cute and feminine piece. Something like this will not go out of style and could be put elsewhere on the body.

6. Star Sign Tattoo

Star sign tattoos look very trendy. This Leo design is small and has a cool vibe. We love where the tattoo is placed. You could have any of the 12 zodiac signs tattooed like this to make it unique to you.

7. Small Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are very popular and with a beautiful tattoo like this you can see why. This tattoo is small but detailed. The black lines keep it simple and chic. It has a boho vibe that never goes out of fashion. You could re-create this in so many ways.

8. Pretty Floral Ink

Here is another pretty floral design. This time the flowers have been inked on the back of the arm. A tattoo on the back of the arm is cool and trendy. It is a beautiful tattoo that will look great with a t-shirt. You could have any flower or symbol placed here.

9. Stylish Skyline

Our next pick is great for the travelers. This small wrist tattoo is of the New York skyline. It is a creative way to show off your favourite travel destination. You could have any skyline put on here with landmarks. It’s a fun piece that will have special meaning to you.

10. Small Tattoo on the Thumb

Tattoos on the fingers have become a favourite. There are so many designs from hearts to symbols. Here is something a bit different for you. A thumb tattoo. This cool and edgy tattoo features minimalistic lines. It is simple and small but will make a statement.

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