If your emails are mysteriously getting caught in your outbox, texts from that hot dating prospect are making absolutely zero sense, and traffic or public transpo delays abound, chances are you're feeling the impending Mercury retrograde, which, even in its retroshade, has been proving to be a doozy. And, unfortunately, there's another one heading our way this week: From May 29 to June 22, trickster Mercury will be retrograde in mutable air sign Gemini.

Quick refresher on what a Mercury retrograde even means: Three or four times a year, the planet that oversees communication, transportation, and technology appears to move backward from our vantage point on Earth for three weeks. The slowdown and backup tends to delay or curtail progress on all of the aspects of life that fall under Mercury's purview. But it's also about taking all of that mental energy we often expend out in the world and turning inward, spending time reflecting, revising, and rethinking whatever it is we've been training our brains on for the past several months.

Sure, turning inward might sound like a drag, especially as we're just starting to do more socializing than we have been distancing. But Mercury retrograde isn't only about self-reflection. It's also about revisiting the past in order to prepare for the future. Mercury retrograde — especially in super-social Gemini — is actually the perfect time for reunions with old friends, loved ones, and even former partners. It's about making what's old new again and slowing down in a way that can ultimately make us even more mindful and productive.

And because its backward turn is occurring in the sign of the Twins, one of two signs Mercury rules (the other is Virgo), the themes of the retrograde will be extra mercurial. That means you could be compelled to think about — and possibly rework — how you gather information, share knowledge, connect with others, interact with technology, and travel.

Ultimately, there are ways to make the most of the frequently feared transit. Here, how this particular Mercury retrograde will affect you, based on your sign. (Pro-tip: Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign, if you know it. If you don't, you can find it on your natal chart or via this CafeAstrology calculator.)

Aries (March 21-April 19)

With the retrograde happening in your third house of communication, get ready for all of the delays and glitches. Back up your devices, and be prepared to hone your diplomacy skills in order to navigate potentially confusing conversations with friends, neighbors, and colleagues. The next three weeks should also present you with a chance to think about which connections you really want to invest your fiery energy in.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Mercury will be moving backward through your second house of income, requiring that you take a microscope to your financial health. Even if you're all set with a budget and are happy with the status of your investment portfolio, you can use the next three weeks to reflect on what you're bringing to the table in your current hustle. It's possible you're not feeling as valued or seen as you wish you were, which could serve as a signal that it's time to at least think about switching things up. (And with a solar eclipse occurring in that same zone on June 10, change is definitely on the horizon.)

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

The perpetual thinking, communicating, and flitting from one activity to the next that you love to do is owed to your ruler, messenger Mercury, but for the next three weeks, it'll be retrograde in your sign — and first house of self —nudging you to reassess your game plan for promoting your personal "brand" and achieving big-picture personal goals. You're feeling like it's time to make changes that will bolster your self-image, and reprioritizing or reframing what you want to accomplish — and how — could help you make that happen.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

As messenger Mercury moves backward through your twelfth house of spirituality, you could feel like you're planting seeds and waiting as patiently as possible for them to grow. Try to rethink what it means to take action right now, giving yourself permission to rest and recharge. Your dreams could be more vivid and your intuition heightened, so carving out time to really tune into both could be deeply empowering and informative.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

The planet of communication will be moving backward through your eleventh house of networking, which means you're the sign most likely to hear from old friends, former colleagues, even that person you went on one double date with way back before the pandemic. In the midst of all that reconnecting, you can reassess whether it makes sense to collaborate. And you could also be collaborating with others to perfect an ongoing team effort and the interpersonal dynamics required to keep everything copacetic.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

While messenger Mercury, your ruling planet, moves backward through your tenth house of career and public image, you could be rethinking your ultimate professional goals — and the path you want to take to get there. You could be meditating on the fact that stepping into a leadership position in your current field wouldn't feel as satisfying as striking out on your own or that you want to take steps to earn more recognition from higher-ups or respected colleagues. This moment is about getting clear on what you want in the long run while setting yourself up for success in the present.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Thanks to messenger Mercury's backward turn in your ninth house of adventure and higher learning, you might be dreaming about taking a long-distance trip or signing up for a class to hone your skillset but feel like making progress on any of it is like attempting to sprint through mud. Instead of pushing to initiate progress (which you're apt to do as a cardinal sign), try to make this three-week period about researching your options. Getting a keen sense of the details now can set you up for an even more fulfilling, eye-opening experience come summertime.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

With the planet of communication moving backward in your eighth house of emotional bonds, sex, and joint resources, this retrograde should help you give voice to your needs within your most intimate bonds. Now's the time to go back to the drawing board to deal with issues like moving in or combining assets with a partner or loved one or getting on the same page about sexual fantasies or long-term goals. The eighth house is also the house your sign rules, so this is comfortable territory to explore, but with Mercury in Gemini, you'll be challenged to be more adaptable — especially in so far as making space for a partner or loved one's desires alongside your own.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Messenger Mercury moves backward through your seventh house of partnership, so don't be surprised if you're suddenly fielding eyebrow-raising texts from exes (which may or may not have any real significance, as Gemini's energy is curious, playful, and not the most pragmatic). In general, the next three weeks will be about reflecting on reciprocity in your one-on-one relationships. If the give-and-take is off, it could be time to speak up. This moment was actually made for addressing and ideally smoothing over any ongoing miscommunications or disagreements with your VIPs, be that your BFF, S.O., or business partner.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

While the planet of communication is retrograde in your sixth house of wellness and routine, you'll be compelled to revise your daily grind. It could be that you've been putting your nose to the grindstone so aggressively that you're burned out and need to make more time for cultivating balance and caring for your emotional and physical well-being. Or the fitness plan you used to love before the pandemic just isn't serving you as well anymore. Slowing down and making a mindful decision about how to proceed can have you feeling even more grounded moving forward.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

This retrograde is hitting your fifth house of romance and self-expression, which can actually make for an exciting, flirtation-packed, revitalizing time, if you're OK with letting go of concrete plans and expectations. The next three weeks could urge you to be in the moment, have fun, be playful, and embrace spontaneity. And yeah, you might also find yourself figuring out how to respond when you're asked out by someone you had a situationship or hookup with a while back. Your best approach: having a sense of humor about it — and being extra-explicit about how you really feel.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

With messenger Mercury in your fourth house of home life this time around, you could find yourself wanting to reconnect with your family, your roots, everything that serves as a foundation for your sense of security. You might be rethinking where you're living and considering moving or opting to finally address old emotional wounds. Sure, that sounds like it could be emotionally heavy, but thanks to the retrograde falling in Gemini, you could find that approaching this tough terrain in an especially cerebral, curious way serves you best.

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