Ever the jet-setter, Drew Barrymore is currently in the Phillipines working on branding for Flower Beauty, her personal line of cosmetics and skin-care products. She's been documenting the trip on her Instagram feed since she arrived in Manila, and recently came across something very interesting in her research—snail mucin sheet masks!

Seriously, how cute is she? And yes, Drew, snail masks are totally a thing!

A well-known Korean beauty trend, there's quite a selection of skin-care products that utilize snail mucin. For those out of the gooey loop, mucin is the slime that snails excrete, and it's a highly moisturizing ingredient. In addition to making skin soft and supple, it can help even out skin pigmentation, fade lingering acne marks, and firm the skin. I personally love it as an ingredient in my face wash and moisturizers.

FYI: No snails are harmed in the mucin collection process, so you—and Drew—can use your snail products with peace of mind.

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