If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, you’re probably thrilled at such a major accomplishment. However, after an excessive weight loss journey, you may see your former self reflected in the hanging folds and loose skin that was left behind. The benefits of plastic surgery after weight loss are numerous and include the following:

Improve the Body’s Appearance

Plastic surgery is a unique method of treatment for individuals who have undergone an extensive amount of weight. Body contouring is essential when it comes to reshaping your body with plastic surgery. This common procedure is used to improve the appearance of the body through lifts, cuts and tucks. For those who can keep their weight at stable levels, a body lift can last for a long period of time. During the process, the surgeon typically removes sagging or excess skin from the body. The abdomen, hips, waist, thighs and buttocks are typically lifted in this all over contouring. Liposuction may also be integrated into the process to remove fat and contour the shape of the body. Except for some natural firmness that may be lost with age, the results that come with this type of surgical process are permanent.

Better Fitting Clothes

Achieving a flat stomach may be part of your extreme weight loss goals. However, if you’ve struggled with being overweight a major part of your life, you may be finally ready to achieve comfort and confidence with your wardrobe. A tummy tuck can prove beneficial in helping you prepare for better fitting clothes after significant weight loss because it can expedite the process. Abmonialplasty can also be useful to flatten the tummy when diet and exercise have left you with excess skin. The process is different than liposuction because it involves cutting. The surgeon makes the incision around the naval and travels from hip to hip. The tissue, skin and muscle are then manipulated and repaired. Depending on the amount of surgery, your belly button may also need to be moved to suit your newfound physique. While you may be left with scarring after the initial process, they’ll fade over time.

Build Self-Esteem

If you’ve struggled to lose weight over the years, your self-esteem probably took a hit. From the difficulties associated with getting in and out of chairs to finding clothes to fit, there are a number of challenges overweight individuals face every day. Now that you’ve shed the added pounds, you may be dreaming about the days when you can walk around in a bathing suit, shorts and sleeveless shirts. Unfortunately, dramatic amounts of lost weight can wreak havoc with the body, especially the breast region. Breast augmentation is a form of plastic surgery that can help change the shape of the breast via implants. It can also help women who notice considerable sagging after pregnancy and nursing. In addition to breast augmentation, a breast lift can also prove helpful by reshaping and repositioning the skin, muscle and tissue around the breast area. While this form of plastic surgery can be aesthetically pleasing, the mental aspects will be far reaching. If you were ashamed about how you looked with the added weight gain, you probably were uncomfortable about going out in public. Cosmetic surgery can help you take your life back by allowing you to look and feel your best.

Optimum Health and Wellness

Being overweight can lead to a number of illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. In addition to looking good, weight loss can help you achieve optimum health, especially when you integrate healthy food and exercising into the mix. It can also allow you to become a better candidate for plastic surgery. If you’re thinking about undergoing plastic surgery, you want to quit smoking and stabilize your weight. You should also adopt a positive attitude toward what your life will be like after plastic surgery.

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