There are many reasons why you’d consider getting a massage, one of which is to reduce your stress. A proper massage can do a lot for someone including helping them sleep better, reducing anxiety, and relieving tension headaches. Before you make an appointment with a massage therapist, consider the different forms of massages and which one would be best for you. Not all types are created equally, and some may help you more than others can. If you’re visiting a home-based massage therapist, you can browse spa massage tables online so you know what to expect during your appointment.

Swedish Massage

The goal of a Swedish massage is to relax your entire body. A massage therapist will rub your muscles with long gliding strokes going in the same direction of the blood going back into your heart. This type of massage offers more than just relaxation, it also decreases toxins, eases tension, increases oxygen, and improves flexibility. Swedish massage also has many benefits including its use as a pain-management tool that helps with muscle injuries. It’s common to feel circular pressure, firm kneading, bending, stretching, and tapping during your massage. Your therapist will customize your massage to your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is very similar to a Swedish massage, but it requires deeper pressure for relieving tension in the muscles. The massage therapist will apply firm pressure in order to reach the connective tissue that surrounds the muscle called the fascia. Some of the most common benefits of deep tissue massage include easing condition-related pain, improving problems with posture, helping with limited mobility, and it’s good for relieving neck and back pain. This type of massage is one of the best types for helping with fibromyalgia pain.

Hot Stone Massage

A massage therapist will use smooth warm rocks and place them on specific parts of your body. This provides localized weight and heat, promoting warmth to relax the muscles so they can massage deeper without causing any pain. The rocks used are called basalt river rocks and are heated prior to your appointment until they reach 110 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The most common places the stones are placed include the palms of your hands, your feet, abdomen, legs, and along your spine.

Sports Massage

A sports massage isn’t geared towards a specific type of athlete, but it focuses on relieving pain and tension from the most commonly used parts of the body from repetition. Some of the most common benefits that sports massage provides include reduced risk of injury, improving flexibility, fighting fatigue, reducing blood pressure, and relaxing muscles. Your therapist will come up with a customized massage based on the type of activities you perform.


During a reflexology appointment, the massage therapist applies pressure to your hands and feet and other reflex areas on your body. You may choose reflexology if you’re stressed, suffer from insomnia, have hormonal balances, have digestive disorders, or arthritis. Your appointment will begin with gathering information about your health and developing a customized therapy plan to help you. The therapist will then stimulate various parts of your body to identify areas that might be tender. Finger and thumb pressure is then used to apply pressure to relieve this tension.

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