Rules of motherhood: When your six-year-old insists on filming a makeup tutorial, you let your six-year-old film a makeup tutorial. At least that’s the rule with Reddit user apclpsmww, who recently posted to the r/MakeupAddiction subreddit: "My 6 year old had been watching makeup tutorials with me and decided he wanted to film his own. It expected."

She then linked to an image of the final result – complete with very "overdrawn lips" (AKA "Who cares about staying in the lines?" lips) and what looks like an eye shadow application by Edward Scissorhands. The haphazardness only fuels our need to let out an extra long, "Aww!"

But just wait until you see the actual video.

The video features apclpsmww’s two sons, Noah and Ben, and when the youngest says, "I can make you look beautiful, Mommy," in a Scottish accent, our hearts had no choice but to burst right there on the spot. Other favorite lines include, "Now we’re gonna do a wing," "We’re going to be doing a bit of a contour," and "She looks beautiful, doesn’t she?"

"It was a bad move on my part letting them use the Stila Stay All Day lipstick," writes the brave mom. "It took 2 rounds of face wash and then slathering my entire face in coconut oil to bring my face back to a normal shade."

The comment section turned surprisingly thoughtful when reddit user DoubleJays responded to the video with, "I really love people like you who just let their kids have some harmless fun. I wish I had more people around like you when I was growing up. I'm a 23 year old gay male and as a kid anytime I would play with anything remotely feminine I would always be told how wrong it was for me to be playing with 'girls things' which in turn made me really hate myself growing up."

Apclpsmww responded, "I think it's important to make sure it's a total non-issue so they never grow up feeling uncomfortable with wanting to try anything! Ben asks for his nails painted from time to time and Noah did this makeup tutorial, and then the next minute they're dressed like Batman and doing pretend battles."

In any case, if you’re longing for more adorableness, check out "toddler tutorials" on YouTube because they’re totally a thing. You're welcome.

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