on Mar. 14 in her Instagram story highlight, "CORONA." "Saturn represents structure, while Pluto represents deep transformation and upheaval." She then looked into thisplanetary connectionin history, in addition to a slew of otherplanetary shifts.

"This hasn't [happened] since 1518, and the Protestant Revolution happened two months later, so the last time these two met in Capricorn this major upheaval happened," she explained in a subsequentinterview with journalist and filmmaker,on Li'sIGTV showSupernatural is the New Natural .

Bell isn't alone.The Astro Twins wrote in their 2019 book, , a healer and the author of the book , a hypnotist who specializes in past-lives regressions, connects this historical moment to is a licensed therapist and the author of the upcoming book I am Diosa. Her practice, combining spirituality and traditional psychotherapy, mainly caters to trauma survivors, and she sees a connection between our response to the pandemic and forced isolation and the one displayed by personal-trauma survivors. Just like personal trauma, isolation, coupled with powerlessness and uncertainty, has caused spikes in severe depression and anxiety. "Meditative, contemplative, spiritual practices allow people to tap into an energy that is beyond their own," she said. "We provide the spiritual support that you feel on a body level: when we're breathing and meditating, we're telling our nervous system that we're safe. We teach clients coping skills in order to rewire their nervous systems." A recent New York Times report confirms that traffic to astrology related websites increased between February and March, when the virus arrived stateside.

Healers Coronavirus - Christine Guittierez

And while she cautions against over-spiritualizing a phenomenon such as COVID-19, "for the people that are home and safe enough, saying something like, 'what can I learn from this experience?'is something that can be powerful, but you have to be careful not to minimize [your] feelings around it."

Gutierrez suggested, for example, being mindful of the things we can control. For example, to heal Mother Earth, one can plant seeds, or vow to drive in a car less often. "If you already have a school of thought that you believe in, and these 'bigger picture' messages from light work resonate, why not let it benefit you?" she says.

"I focus my energy only on what I can control and let go of what I can't control," echoed Li, who described her attitude in this context as stoic. "Just that simple thought in itself will bring a huge relief to your mental and emotional state."

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