and , but lately, I've been inspired to color outside the lines, and the universe confirmed it was time for me to breakout of my comfort zone when the new shades of Marc Jacobs Beauty's Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner landed on my desk.

The brand added three pastels (steel blue, lavender, and millennial pink) and two berries (wine and grape) to its shade range for spring. While I enjoy all of these colors, I decided to swap my black liquid liner for Steel(etto), the blue-gray one, the next morning.

What's great about these liners is just how effortlessly they glide on. The formula is so creamy that I was able to line my upper lash line in one go without it tugging, but the size of this liner is what really sold me. The ultra-skinny pencil and fine tip is a combo that's ideal for controlling the size of the line, where you're drawing it, and keeping it straight. To sum it up: Doing a cat flick took less than a minute.

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So, what was it like wearing blue eyeliner when you swear by black? Um, pretty amazing, actually. Since I typically don't wear a lot of color on my eyes, I was little bit self-conscious about whether this blue "looked OK," but I did like how it made my blue eyes pop, and that it looked more blue than gray once I had it on. I also was extremely lazy when I got ready that morning, and the little bit of color made my outfit feel less boring.

Any doubts I had about wearing colorful eyeliner got squashed when a publicist and a few beauty editor colleagues complimented me on my eye makeup at an industry event I attended that day.

While this liner was simple to apply and colorful but not too bright, it is $25. But, given that it's helped me expand my eye makeup horizons, restocking it once this sample runs out seems worth it.

Now that I'm more comfortable wearing color on my eyes, you can bet that I'll be reaching for that blush pink shade next.

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