If you’re part of the Insta' world, then you’ve probably noticed teatoxes trending among some of your favorite celebs (check out Kylie Jenner testing her favorite). We’ve rounded up a few of our own top choices, which purport to do things like purify the skin and give an extra boost of energy in the morning. Sipping teas to look prettier? That’s simply an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up.

Teatox Pure Beauty

This white tea and olive leaf-infused beauty detox claims to support skin-cell health with organically-derived antioxidants that imbue skin with radiance and glow.

($17; teatox.de)

SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox

This dynamic duo features two daily sachets: one for day and one for night. The morning boost is packed with antioxidants known to benefit skin, and green tea to boost energy. When it comes to the night cleanse, ingredients such as hawthorn berries are said to calm the mind to encourage a full night's beauty rest.

Kusmi Tea BB Detox

Grapefruit essences in this green tea are included to eliminate excess fluid from the body, while antioxidant-rich ingredients could encourage toxin removal, leaving skin purified.

Your Tea America, Skin Magic Tea

Infused with ingredients like aloe, lotus and jasmine, this blend purports to lessen acne, cystic pimples, eczema, hormonal skin and uneven skin tone when sipped twice a day, 30 minutes before or after meals.

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