The Web puts answers to every conundrum at your fingertips, but do you really want to seek fashion and beauty counsel from whoever turns up at the top of the page? In a pioneering collaboration with Google, we quizzed the non-virtual pros for answers on the Internet’s most-searched style stumpers.

While we love how silky-smooth our legs feel after getting a wax treatment at the spa, we're not exactly the biggest fans of the pain involved with the process. Sure, the razor and shaving cream method works just fine, but one false move could leave you with an unexpected cut. All of this poses the question---what is an effective pain-free option? Enter Nair's Shower Power Cream ($10;, which packs an added infusion of argan oil to keep your skin hydrated.

"Unlike other depilatories that wash off too easily in the shower, Nair Shower Power stays put while it works its defuzzing magic," says Sheryl George, associate beauty editor at InStyle. Before jumping in the shower, apply a thick layer of the product over the areas you want to target, and wait one minute before getting under the water. Keep the cream from making direct contact with your shower stream for a few more minutes (not exceeding 10), then remove the formula by rubbing the rough edge of the included sponge in circular motions until all hair is gone.

Even if you do everything else right, ingrown hairs are often unavoidable. Rather than pulling out the tweezers or waiting for the (often painful) hair to surface, use an exfoliating product to remove anything keeping the ingrown locked in. "I love Dermalogica's individually-wrapped Daily Resurfacer pads ($70 for a set of 35;, which slip over your finger to target tiny areas," says InStyle Beauty Director Angelique Serrano. "They loosen dead skin cells and bring any ingrowns to the surface." After the hair has been removed, clean the area to keep bacteria at bay, and exfoliate once a week to prevent new ingrowns from taking shape.

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