Why is it that we’re always hearing and reading about amazing new restaurants, but we can’t seem to recall any of them when it actually comes time to pick a place for dinner?

If you’re anything like me, you keep an ever-expanding and highly disorganized list of eateries and bars in your iPhone notes, often forgetting to include each spot's cuisine and location. What’s the point of having a restaurant hit list when you have to Google each entry to figure out which ones are in the East Village and serve pizza?

And then a friend introduced me to SALT, a mobile app that helps users bookmark, organize, and share their favorite eateries, bars, and coffee shops (free; only on iTunes). Besides having a sleek and easy-to-use interface, SALT allows you to create and share sub-lists (i.e. "Date Spots” or "Downtown Favorites”), add notes, and even call an Uber within the app to get to your desired destination. Upon uploading a new eatery, the app automatically generates the address and closing/opening times, along with your current distance from that location. SALT also gives users the option to import locations from Instagram—if a pal snaps a photo at a bar you want to visit, you simply like the photo and tag @savetosalt, and it instantly gets added to your virtual restaurant Rolodex.

For those of you who love the concept but can’t wrap your mind around manually uploading each entry from your existing list, fear not! You can simply email the list to SALT, and they’ll do all the legwork for you.

Salt App

Currently, all of this behind-the-scenes action is executed by Vivek George and Rudd Taylor, the app's founders. "We have thousands of people using the app all across the world,” they explain, who put an emphasis on SALT's ability to seamlessly share individual recommendations and full lists."Typically, we turn to our friends and family for the most reliable suggestions. There are so many places with amazing food and cocktails that your friends might recommend, but won't necessarily appear on a ’best of’ list online. The app gives you instant access to all of those personal recommendations."

And SALT isn’t just for foodies—George and Taylor say it’s also an excellent tool for planning group outings and get-togethers, or simply for organized individuals who enjoy making lists. Paging all Type A personalities... your restaurant awaits.

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