For some of us married only for a few years, getting to the big 5-0 seems like a big deal. And it is, especially when it happens in Celebrityville, or Nashville in this case. America's favorite country singer Dolly Parton and her husband Carl Dean recently celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary and from what we hear it was an affair to remember.

The couple marked their big day by renewing their vows at a glamorous ceremony in Music City where they met on the first day Parton moved there. E! reports that costume designer Steve Summers helped create the the singer's dress while Dean sported a classic suit.

Their anniversary celebration was actually in contrast to the wedding they had on May 30th, 1966. According to Parton's website, it was "a simple, private ceremony" only attended by the preacher and his wife.

And the secret to their long, happy marriage? "While one would think Dolly would be the most entertaining of the two, she often says that it's Carl's unique sense of humor which keeps her laughing," states the website.

Congratulations to Parton and Dean and we wish them many more years of laughter!

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