You can find out some crazy things by simply stalking a person's Instagram feed. Sometimes, you kind of just end up hurting your own feelings with information you can't exactly bring up for fear of looking like a total psycho, but other times, the things you find out can cause you to spiral out in joy. Case in point: Jerrod Blandino's recent Instagram. A few days ago, the Too Faced Co-Founder and CEO posted the below photo to his feed, with the simple caption, "I'm a slave for you." This, of course, led us to question everything and come up with theories, as any avid Instagram sleuth would. Could this mean, pray tell, that a Britney Spears makeup collaboration is on its way?

Of course, this might not be anything—either Blandino simply chose to use a Britney song lyric as his caption, you know, as you do, OR, an actual, real-life Britney Spears makeup collection is on the way. We have a strong feeling it's the latter, granted, we kind of have "Lucky" on repeat on any given day. LIke, why do these tears come at night, anyway?

All kidding aside, it would make total sense. Spears already has a massive catalog of fragrances under her belt, so a makeup range could be the next logical step to total beauty domination. After all, Mariah Carey did it—check her MAC line for proof. Let's also not ignore the fact that the colors in the palette are so early to mid-00's Britney.

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We've been avidly stalking the brand's, Blandino's, and Britney's Instagram feeds for further proof of confirmation, but then, we kind of just get lost in the videos of Spears doing her supermodel walk in various outfits through her glorious house. Nothing has been officially announced just yet, but best believe we'll keep you posted as news progresses.

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