(below) on her Instagram account on Monday, and it finds the ladies in the middle of a casual conversation about watermelon. A few seconds in, however, their discussion is interrupted by a telephone call. Unsure of who's receiving the call at first, all four ladies bring their banana phones (yes, fresh bananas) to their ears before realizing that it's FLOTUS whose banana is ringing. "Sorry guys, it's for me," she tells them. "Hey, babe!" she says into the fruit to what must be her husband, President Obama. "How you doin'?"

"Proud to be part of #TeamFNV with @michelleobama @gabunion @ajcook! Eat your fruits and veggies, folks!" Alba captioned the video:

The First Lady has been an advocate for healthy eating and the prevention of childhood obesity since she entered the White House in 2008, most notably founding the Let's Move! campaign in 2010. A partnership with FNV seemed like a logical partnership for Michelle.

"When you turn on the TV or go online, you hardly ever see any really cool ads for fruits and vegetables. Instead every year, the average kid in this country sees more than 5,500 TV ads for unhealthy foods and just 100 ads for foods like fruits and vegetables," the First Lady said in a statement. "We all know that advertising works. We know that those commercials influence almost everything we do, the clothes we buy, the foods we eat and so much more. So we figured why shouldn't fruits and vegetables get in on a little bit of the action?"

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