What started out as a joke for Jen Briskin and her family has become our favorite new wedding trend. Now there's a new way to make sure your grandparents aren't left out on your big day: flower grandpas!

Yes, this is a twist on the general rule that little girls toss flower petals at weddings and lets old men get in on the fun in a unique way.

"My whole family thought that I was crazy but I couldn't let it go," Briskin told Country Living—also noting that her grandpa, 85-year-old Stanley, joked that this would go viral. "I wanted our wedding to be memorable and different without being cheesy and I thought that this would be the perfect addition to our ceremony."

The 29-year-old stuck to her guns and put her grandpa in her wedding party—after asking him with an embroidered handkerchief—for her Atlanta nuptials. With a little nudging, Stanley eventually agreed.

Briskin kept this choice a secret until Stanley walked down the aisle. There was "constant laughter" and he "started throwing [flower petals] on our guests." This, Briskin said, "felt like our style."

"I feel very lucky to have a grandfather who, at 85, is still young at heart and willing to participate in my crazy ideas!" Briskin added. "I'm excited that I have pictures and videos to show my children and grandchildren when I recount stories about my amazing grandfather."

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