Westeros, the fictional setting for Game of Thrones, doesn’t actually exist, but if it did, it might be a bit like Scotland – a beautiful rural landscape, but one that’s also a bit dreary. In fact, in a 2012 interview, George R.R. Martin himself called the north of Westeros "like Scotland.” So it’s probably only fitting that the capital of the British nation now has a Game of Thrones bar — perfect for toasting your favorite show and drinking away the long, cold Scottish winter nights in one big alcohol-fueled haze.

"Blood & Wine” is a Game of Thrones pop-up that is currently taking place on Wednesday and Thursday nights until the end of February in the basement of Daylight Robbery, a bar on Dublin Street in Edinburgh. According a BuzzFeed staff writer who dropped in, not only was it "SO. MUCH. FUN.” (thanks, BuzzFeed), but it also featured an "extensive booze menu [that] was carefully based around George R.R. Martin’s descriptions of the various drinks that the characters enjoy (and get poisoned by) in the books.” That reportedly includes everything from unique cocktails to Icelandic vodka made by actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson to "the wines of the Seven Kingdoms,” described as wines specifically selected to match the fictional ones described in the Song of Ice and Fire universe.

Beyond booze, the pop-up also featured GoT-inspired food like "Frey Pies” meat pies, "Sansa’s Lemon Cakes” and an entire pig haunch. Plus, of course, the walls are decked out with posters, props and what have you. "We really do love Game of Thrones, and wanted to attract genuine fans like ourselves,” Linden Wilkinson, one of the people behind the pop-up, told BuzzFeed. "We spent a lot of time on research, sourced the swords and armour from The Knight’s Vault (an armorer in Edinburgh) and our bone mugs are made by Abbeyhorn, the official suppliers to the TV series.” Sounds like some serious legwork to recreate a make-believe land.

But speaking of make-believe, yes, Scotland is far, but it’s infinitely closer than the alternate reality of Westeros – meaning compared to "impossible,” the seven-ish hour flight to do some Game of Thrones drinking doesn’t seem too bad.

This article originally appeared on Foodandwine.com.

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