Loews Hotels is debuting a bar unlike anything we've ever seen before, and that's because the hotelier's new pop-up speakeasy is on its very own road trip. The Traveller Bar is exactly what it sounds like: a traveling lounge that will be making stops at 24 Loews Hotels across the country from now until July 2017. Both the décor and bar menu are vintage-inspired, featuring classic spirits in a rustic space.

Traveller Bar - Loews - 1

"We wanted to create a fun and exciting beverage concept that focuses on cocktail enthusiasts, and were able to draw inspiration from 'The Golden Age of the Cocktail'," says Mark Weiss, senior vice president of food and beverage at Loews. Constructed from an old elevator car, the industrial-chic space features a zinc bar top, wooden accents and leather-topped stools—plus a library of 50 antique cocktail books (including one from 1862). The metal frame that encases the tavern is taken apart and newly reassembled at each location.

Traveller Bar - Loews - 2

The bar menu offers 32 classic cocktails that are inspired by (or taken directly from) recipes from those vintage cocktail troves. Libations include a whiskey cocktail from 1895's Official Handbook & Guide: NYC Bartender's Association; a daiquiri from the 1922 guide, Cocktails: How to Mix Them; and a Lucien Gaudin (an early Negroni) from the 1929 text Cocktails de Paris. A different local mixologist will serve drinks at each stop.

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The Traveller launched in Chicago and will head to San Francisco June 26, with plenty more stops that zig-zag across the U.S. Check the schedule to make sure you don't miss out, because unlike other bars, when closing time comes around, it could be for good...

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