, they were literally being attacked by pigs on one of the, um, most unique group dates we’ve witnessed. Even if you’re not a regular Bachelor viewer, it’s worth watching this episode for a good laugh.

Sandals Jamaica

Bachelor Destinations

With only three potential Mrs. Higgins’ left on the show, the crew hopped a flight to Jamaica for week 9. Sandals boasts a whopping seven resorts throughout the island—Caila and Lauren stayed at Sandals Royal Plantation, and Jojo scored her own set up at the Sandals Ochi Beach Resort. Week 9 featured the famous Fantasy Suite dates, during which contestants decided if they wanted to spend the night with Higgins. Let’s just say no one slept in their own bed. If you’re dying to live out your own Bachelor fantasy, you can rent all three suites (The Romeo and Juliet Suite, Villa Plantana, and The Governor Suite) featured on the show.

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