Earlier this week when Kylie Jenner revealed that she was expanding her cosmetics line with a new range of eyeshadow palettes, the world collectively gasped. First, we really didn't see it coming. Second, she had been wearing it for like, months without us even noticing (a trick she also pulled when she released Exposed). Finally, the eyeshadow palette is just plain gorgeous—and you know we have a thing for shadow...

When Kylie gave us a release date, we were obviously expecting the usual Hunger Games scenario that is trying to buy anything on her website, but whoa, did we ever underestimate it.

We've lamented before (and pretty often) about how hard it is to get our hands on a Lip Kit, but apparently it's even harder to get your hands on Kylie's new eyeshadow palette. Kylie took to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram to share the news that the Kyshadow Palette sold out in just one minute. Seriously guys, one minute. Basically, the palettes sold out before our web pages were even loaded. To reiterate, that's 60 seconds.

But there is some good news! Kylie also shared that she will be restocking the palette this Friday. If you're planning on getting one, godspeed.

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