It’s a great day when you realize you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Gal Gadot. The Wonder Woman star, who inspires us every day with her activism, positivity, and talent, has just announced she’s the latest face of Revlon.

Her new partnership kicks off with a brand new Live Boldly campaign, meant to remind and inspire women to unapologetically and passionately express themselves, unite, and celebrate the diversity of beauty.

"I was approached by different cosmetic brands and Revlon really felt like the perfect fit," Gadot told InStyle exclusively. "They’re so iconic and groundbreaking. I think they were really the first cosmetic brand that I was first ever exposed to. My mom used to own Revlon products, my grandmother! It’s everywhere and everyone can own it—it’s so accessible. I’m very, very happy to collaborate and to become part of the family."

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That means she definitely already has her favorites, including a satin crimson red lipstick that rings in under $10.

"I love the Super Lustrous Lipstick," said Gadot. "That’s the one I wear, in Certainly Red." For lengthened, fluttery lashes, she swears by the Revlon Mega Multiplier ($6; and the brand's eyeliners, but when it comes to doing her makeup, she likes to keep it simple.

"To me, less is more," she says. "I don’t like when people do strong eyes, and strong lips ,and lots of cheeks. It’s too much. Enhance one thing and let the other things play around it. But the great thing about Revlon is that they have so many different products that you can play with, and they’re not too too expensive and really easy to apply."

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