Who knew you could channel your inner Banksy mid-manicure? The tiny aerosol bottles lining nail polish shelves in recent weeks may look like your traditional can of spray paint, but brands like Nails Inc. and China Glaze have replaced the expected formula with their super-pigmented lacquers. Unlike the brush-on method of application, which can be pretty time-consuming, sprayable nail polish takes no more than five seconds to apply and virtually dries on contact, making the days of accidental smudges a thing of the past.

Spray Nail Polish Embed

You'll want to start by doing a layer of your favorite base coat and allow it to dry completely. Then, set down a sheet of paper on a flat surface, place your hand over the top, position the can a few inches away, and spray each of your digits—the paper will prevent any aggressive clean-up work you'll have to do on your furniture. Fair warning, your fingers will look kind of crazy immediately afterwards, but we promise, the paint will slide right off when you wash your hands, just make sure to apply a top coat before rinsing off to lock in the color. Find China Glaze's Coloured Nail Spray at Ulta starting next month, and head over to nailsinc.com now to pick up the Nails Inc. Paint Can.

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