What happens when you combine tequila, precious metals, and baked goods? A doughnut that'll set you back $150. The Patrón Platinum Doughnut from Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based Manila Social Club was inspired by the Patrón Margarita of the Year, a delicious concoction of jalapeo and rose aptly named the Rosa Picante.

The doughnut's creator, Chef Bjrn DelaCruz, begins with a foundation of pté a choux made with powderized rose ashes and a ginger infusion. The pastry is then filled with a light rose-infused whipped mousse and chili-calamansi margarita gel. "We wanted something that would give balance to the creaminess of the mousse and give the dessert more than one dimension," says DelaCruz of the alcoholic jelly cubes that dot the doughnut's interior.

Platinum Donut 3 - Embed 2016

Afterwards, each doughnut—purple in color, thanks to the rose ashes—is individually hand-dipped into a Patrón Platinum icing and air brushed with edible silver powder. To finish, the ornate rings are adorned with edible silver leaf, a process DelaCruz describes as "enjoyable and calm." "When you work with the silver flakes you have to be very precise because it’s quite delicate," he explains. "I spend a lot of time on the task and don’t like to rush it. I like to make it crinkly for a beautiful texture and to capture the light."

Before you scoff at the price, know that proceeds of the glamorous pastry go to the American Cancer Society, an organization near and dear to DelaCruz's heart. "It’s a cause that my family and I are committed to, as we’ve been personally affected by cancer, and it’s something I very much wanted to give back to."

If you're interested in trying one of these magnificent doughnuts for yourself, click here to submit your order.

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