When you have an unpredictable, ever-changing work schedule, your workout routine is probably one in the same. Booking one-off classes ahead of time leads to last-minute cancelations, and if your day-to-days are really crazy, you likely can’t justify a pricey gym or studio membership. But your exercise regimen doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re always on-the-go. There’s an app that is basically made for the last-minute fitness enthusiast.

It’s called ZenRez, and it’s a program that compiles a curated list of price-optimized classes that still have unsold or unfilled spots. It’s curated based on your location and your interest, and the list is sent to your email at 9 p.m. the night before. And for someone who never really knows if her morning meetings are happening or not until the evening before, this is game changing.

Now how does the pricing work? Instead of a monthly or yearly membership, this program allows you to pay for single classes—and yes, there is a discount involved. You can get up to 40 percent off the regular price of a class, but that’s really all depending on the popularity of the class, the time it’s offered, and the day it’s offered. So the same yoga class could have a few different price options.

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For example, the toning class I absolutely love in New York City is regularly priced at rather expensive $40 a class and was offered on ZenRez at $36 at 8:15 AM, but at 10:30 AM with another instructor, it dropped down to $32.

That wouldn’t save you a ton of cash if you make it to regular classes, but it would if you were paying a monthly studio membership and only made it there 2-3 times a month.

The app also values itself at only working with top studios, so its users have a comfort in knowing their class will give them a decent workout. Right now, it’s only available in major cities, including New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. So unfortunately, if you’re super busy and chill in Chicago, this isn’t doing much for you. But hey, you never know what’s next.

As for me, my gym membership is working for me at the moment, but I’m still OK with receiving my daily 9 p.m. emails. If I want to take a barre class on a whim and want to save a few dollars for a latte afterwards, I know where to go.

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