Although I’m well into my 20s, I still struggle with acne pretty much every day. I’ve tried facials, prescriptions, and all kinds of cleansers but they usually dry me out, increase redness, and don’t do much to solve the problem. While I have yet to find a miracle product that will clear my complexion for good, I did stumble on one that made treating my acne seem somewhat fun and exciting. Seriously.

When I heard about Sarah Chapman’s Spot Stickers ($40 for a set of 16;, which claim to calm, hydrate, exfoliate, and color correct with salicylic acid, vitamin C and the fancy-sounding P-Refinyl, I immediately began hoping I’d wake up to a giant pimple just to see if they would work (I also had the most amazing sticker collection as a kid so this was right up my alley).RELATED: Here’s How to Properly Remove a Blackhead

Unlike any acne treatment I’ve ever seen, this one comes in a chic wallet with a mirror inside so you can stick them on as you go. But if you’re like me and are nervous about showing up to work with stickers on your face, you can just add them to your nightly ritual and fall asleep with them on instead. The application process took me a few tries, but if you take the time to read the instructions, it’s really easy. All you have to do is use the little plastic applicator to place the sticker over a blemish until secure. Once it’s adhered to your skin, you can peel away the blue cover. As it turns out, the actual sticker is totally clear and hardly noticeable at all (but just to be safe, I’ll continue to wear at home).

Once the fun was over, I waited until morning to see if it got the job done. And it did. I used three stickers the first night: one for the monster on my forehead, another for the brand new pimple on my cheek, and the last one for the 3-day-old bump on my chin. What I woke up to was pretty impressive. It didn’t completely clear the one on my forehead, but it was significantly smaller than it was just eight hours before. The other two were magically healed, leaving just a subtle hint of ever being there in the first place. The following morning was just as successful and I can't wait to keep using them. What I've learned? I never thought I'd say this, but maybe adult acne isn't so bad after all.RELATED: Peel Your Way to Better Skin with Our Favorite Peel-Off Masks

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