Now this is one book we can't wait to get our hands on. Amy Schumer took to social media today to give fans a sneak peek at her upcoming tome The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, and let's just say it looks very good.

The star announced last year that she was working on a memoir with Gallery Books that would include raunchy and romantic personal and observational stories ranging from heartfelt to the harrowing. "Amy Schumer is not an entertainer who can actually write. She’s a writer. Who also happens to entertain," publisher Jennifer Bergstrom said in a statement.

Schumer shared a snap on Instagram about the book that featured the tagline "Amy Schumer: First woman to write a book," and revealed what could potentially be the cover. She captioned the 'gram with the simple phrase, "Yay! Book!"

Schumer also tweeted the news, where she revealed the release date.

Pick up The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo when it hits shelves Aug. 16, or pre-order it now on

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