Even for the biggest makeup enthusiast, applying winged eyeliner is no easy feat. Now imagine trying to do it without an applicator or makeup brush. If the very thought brings on a sense of panic, you're not alone. After all, what's an artist without the proper tools?

The No Makeup Brush Challenge is picking up steam on social media, with vloggers tackling the complexities of applying makeup without their trusty helpers to blend, contour, line, and shade. Seventeen alerted us to the very creative lady who may be the rockstar of the whole darn challenge -- YouTube aficionado MsAaliyahJay.

Not only does she apply a flawless face of makeup using only her bare hands, she legit slays when creating a winged eyeliner look using just her pinky nail.

We're literally bowing down right now.

The only way to truly appreciate MsAaliyahJay's ingenuity is to watch the entire video. It's truly an act of makeup magic.

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