In a world where the science of beauty grows leaps and bounds every single day, we often forget where we came from, say, back in the nineties when the Internet was something we were all just beginning to get comfortable with.

Sephora wanted to remind everyone of its early digital roots by posting this ah-mazing tweet of what looked like in 1997 (when "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls was your one and only jam).

To say we are obsessed with this lo-fi situation is an understatement, particularly considering how tech-savvy Sephora is today. Back then, their Sephora Virtual Artist app probably seemed like something of which the animated Jetsons could only be capable.

It would actually be really fun to see how has changed year-by-year since its initial launch. We know you're busy curating the most amazing beauty products on the market for your stores, but if you could get on that we would be very appreciative. Please and thank you.

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