Whether his hair is long and flowing or short and pushed back, I didn't think it was possible for Harry Styles to be any sexier. I was proven wrong when the singer teased his first, self-titled solo album back in March by sharing the artwork before its May release date.

On the cover, a shirtless Styles is seen bathing in water the softest shade of pink that it made my millennial heart flutter the first time I set my eyes on it. And I wasn't alone—Styles's fans were obsessed with the milky pink hue of the water he was bathing in, and speculated that shade was the product of a Lush bath bomb.

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One fan even went further and Tweeted at the vegan cosmetics brand to create a Styles-themed bath bomb, to which one one Lush employee offered a DIY alternative. "If you mix Think Pink with Milky Bath you'd get a similar color .... minus the damp pop star sadly though," they Tweeted.

Finally, after months of fan rumors and makeshift Harry Styles cover photoshoot reenactments in bathtubs around the world, Lush has confirmed that a bath bomb was indeed the behind Styles's infamous pink bath. The brand Tweeted at Styles, "Hey @Harry_Styles something to get you in the mood for a good...soak?" accompanying a picture of a bucket of pink-and-purple bath bombs along with a sign that read, "To Harry, From one sex bomb to another."

We can't think of a better beauty product pairing. The Sex Bomb Bath Bombs ($8; lushusa.com) are infused with a blend of potent aphrodisiacs including jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang, along with soy milk to keep skin soft and smooth.

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Whether or not Styles received his gift is TBA, but we like to think that the singer—who’s known for his affinity for millennial pink—soaks in a long, Lush bath bomb-fueled bath after taking off his pink bespoke Edward Sexton suit for the day.

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