I make plenty of questionable decisions in my life, but when it comes to my skin—well let's just say I am a creature of habit. I have tried-and-true favorites that have been keeping me (semi) young-looking for years, so why experiment? That's precisely how I felt, until a bottle of La Prairie White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire ($695; nordstrom.com) crossed my desk.

As a brand, La Prairie is just about as luxurious as you can get if you want to truly pamper your skin. The Swiss company prides itself on its incredibly thorough research process. Case in point: The creme extraordinaire took 15+ years of research screening with more than 50,000 ingredients tested in the making to create the final formula.

That, combined with the cream's claims to create a "never-before-seen brightening effect," was enough for me to give the new line a whirl. What did I have to lose, more wrinkles? I think not. And lets be honest, at $695 for a jar, it better be doing something drastic, right?

What is said to make the White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire so, well, extraordinary is its ingredients. The main ingredient in this new concoction is Lumidose: the most potent inhibitor of tyrosinase (which scientists extracted into a gorgeous pearlescent vessel that is worthy of any vanity), which creates an seriously efficient brightening effect. I can only describe it as life changing.

It works to reduce dark spots, fade fine lines, and create an overall luminosity. I started using it on my tired, stressed, lackluster skin, and in about two weeks, began to notice a significant difference. One morning I woke up and looked in the mirror, only to be actually pleased with what was looking back at me.

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After four weeks, I began to get compliments about my skin from friends. "You must tell me what you've been doing," they all said. "Botox? Fillers?"" Au contraire," I would reply, "I've been doing White Caviar."

And that, my friends, is my dirty little derm-free secret.

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