I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and feeling a lot better than I did during the first 16 weeks. I have more energy and most of my food aversions have disappeared. I’m still having a lot of cravings for anything unhealthy though. I’m always hungry and I love anything savory, high carb or sweet. I have always had a massive appetite, but now it’s even bigger. I still eat what I feel like, whether it’s french fries or ice cream, but I also make sure I’m eating plenty of nutritious food every day. And since I still don’t like salad, I get my daily greens from a "Green Hulk smoothie” which includes kale or watercress, spinach, cucumber, mint, lime, apple, and coconut.

My go to take out meal these days is a burrito bowl with chicken.

One surprising thing is that now I’m able to eat foods I used to have intolerances to such as bananas and eggs. I love having protein pancakes and Acai bowls again!

I’m able to work out more regularly now and still focus on strength training at a greatly reduced weight and intensity. Some exercises I have had to make adjustments to or skip altogether. I can’t squat down as low as I was able to before pregnancy, so I just don’t squat as deep-same with the leg press machine. Instead, I focus on my Transverse Abdominals and pelvic floor, not just to keep strong, but also to be able to relax it (which I’ll need to be able to do when giving birth).

I’ve been going for walks along the beach a few times a week, but as my ligaments are getting softer from the relaxing hormone associated with pregnancy, I’ve been finding that my pelvis has been getting a little sore walking through the soft, uneven sand. To help manage this, I try to walk on flat, hard sand. The baby is kicking a lot now and he/she sits really low, so each kick makes me feel like I need to pee - which is all the time.

I have started seeing an Osteopath which I plan to do regularly for the rest of my pregnancy and after too. I want to take care of my pelvis and back and keep my body balanced with as good posture as possible. I’m also stretching more and doing some ball release work on my muscles a couple of times a week.

Apart from the obvious growth (belly, boobs & butt) and gaining more fat and cellulite (which I’m totally fine with, by the way) I’ve noticed some other unexpected changes to my body: My moles are getting bigger and protruding more. I’m getting some pigmentation on my face, more body hair, my nails are growing really fast and are stronger, and my skin has been really good – which is a bonus!

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To stay relaxed I like to spend roughly 20 minutes a day listening to relaxation music while I lay in the afternoon sun at sunset and focus on breathing diaphragmatically. I love feeling my baby kicking – it's our special time together! I believe that the happier and more relaxed I feel, my baby will feel the same.

My mood has been great and very stable. I feel happy everyday and I’m so grateful for this little human growing inside me. The only thing I’m wondering now is – how am I going to shave my legs now that it’s warming up here in Australia? Haha!

Pregnant Women seeking to workout should consult and be cleared with their physician before conducting in exercuses.

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