Truth be told, that catchy chorus from Leona Lewis's breakout single "Bleeding Love" is still hard for us to shake from memory. The Body Shop must have had the song on repeat as well, because the eco-friendly beauty retailer teamed up with the singer to launch a collection of makeup and fragrance for spring, free of animal-tested products. "I'm really passionate about beauty and great beauty products. I've been a vegetarian since I was really young, so all of the products are 100% vegetarian," the star said in an announcement video. "I've always been quite conscientious of animal rights, fair trade, and to me, The Body Shop encompasses all of that." Lewis's cruelty-free lineup hits The Body Shop stores and starting in April, and on March 26, the singer will livestream an exclusive gig via The Body Shop's Facebook page. Her X-Factor mentor Simon Cowell must be so proud!

Plus, we tested the best green beauty products on the market to see which ones really work. Find out in our gallery!

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