, a KarJenner glam squad regular, to create a tutorial that’s packed with "aha!” moments. The most game-changing tidbit? The key to blending out a purple eye so it appears soft and the lines aren’t too drastic is all in choosing the right transition color. Ariel applied the taupe shade "Stone" from the palette to her crease so that when he applied different purple hues to her lash line and on her lid, he had a background for the colors to blend.

He also applied this Stone color to her lower lash line to pull the entire look together. The video was also a lesson in utilizing your entire shadow palette. To get this look, Ariel blended a series of colors together from the 9-pan product, including Wine and Dine, Blueberry, Lilac, Amethyst, and more.

You can check out the entire video above, and make sure to set your alarms for when it hits the Internet shelves.

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