As editors, we’re always intrigued by the most cutting edge beauty treatment to hit the market, and one of our favorites is the photo facial. So when we got wind of a new photo facial that requires even less downtime, fewer sessions, and better results, we couldn’t have been more excited to give it a whirl.

For age spots, freckles, spider veins and rosacea, the buzz is rising around fast-acting photo facial Lumecca, which uses high peak power to treat damaged skin most efficiently, without the commitment of using lasers.

So we turned to Lauren Abramowitz, founder of Park Avenue Skin Solutions, for her magic touch. The brilliant beauty transformed our age-spotted skin into smooth-as-silk, spot-free perfection after just three treatments. And to be honest, we saw a massive improvement after just a single treatment.

It was painless, short (our session took about 45 minutes), and required no downtime. In fact, we went back to the office right afterwards (your skin will be slightly red, so we recommend bringing cover-up or foundation with you to your appointment to apply after the treatment). Suddenly, as a few days past, the little age spots and freckles that lined our forehead from years of ignoring mom’s plea to apply sunscreen flaked off like coffee grinds, leaving us with beautiful spot-free skin.

"Its capability of treating such a wide variety of skin concerns for the face and body including sun damage, malasma, acne rosacea, scars, hyperpigmentation and overall skin rejuvenation with no downtime is the best thing about this treatment," Dr. Alan Matarasso in New York City tells InStyle about why the procedure is becoming so popular. "Lumecca uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which treats as strong as a v-beam laser without any pain or downtime."

The bottom line? We’re hooked on this treatment (and on Lauren, we might add--she's simply the best). Two thumbs up.

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