You've probably seen Younique's Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara on Facebook. The multi-step, lash-lengthening mascara is one of Younique's best-selling products, and a major reason that the brand has quickly risen in popularity among the direct-sales beauty companies that have inundated your timeline.

During a meeting with the brand, a Younique rep told me that 14 million units of the mascara have sold since it launched five years ago. It remains a top seller, and that's why the company recently decided to completely revamp its formula.

The three-step mascara promises to give your lashes up to 500 percent more volume and length in a single coat. This is how it works: After applying the "transplanting" gel, you coat lashes with the 3D fibers while the gel is still wet. Once the fibers are set, you seal them with another coat of the transplanting gel. You repeat this last step until you've reached your desired fullness.

I didn't know Younique existed until about a year ago, when my co-workers began talking about how all of their Facebook friends from high school had become "presenters" (the name the brand's given its sale representatives).

Younique or otherwise, I've been skeptical of whether direct-sales beauty brands' products actually work or if they're just pyramid schemes. However, when 14 million people are obsessed with a mascara, odds are it works.

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While I love long, thick lashes, I'm also lazy. Normally, I would avoid a multi-step mascara and just use a formula with built-in fibers. Was Moodstruck worth the few extra minutes? Short answer: Yes. The 3D fibers weren't messy and I didn't experience any fallout under my eyes when I applied them. My lashes were definitely longer than they are when left au natural, but I have to say, the volume was lacking. Even after a few final coats of the transplanting gel, I couldn't get my lashes as full as I wanted.

If you care more about length than volume, it's worth giving this fiber mascara a shot. Especially if it also means supporting one of your former classmate's new side hustles.

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